Uprooted Box (2X)

$99--retails for $145!!!!!! This is not a joke!

Are you in for a real treat! Let us explain how this Uprooted Box works.

On this particular box, you will receive SIX items that Amber and Ashley (the owners of Uprooted) have picked out. Special time and consideration was put in to this to make sure items are true to size, different styles, and in-season! We have been so anxious to reveal our idea because we might pick things out that you would not have bought for yourself! 

We have ordered the same amount of boxes for each size. Once they are sold out, they are SOLD OUT!

These are a FINAL SALE (but we know you will love everything we have picked out!)

Items are set to mail out right around March 26th. 

Clues about this particular box...Spring colors and styles, there may just be some fun prints, transitional pieces perfect for Spring days, plus cute matching accessories!

We have sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X, 2X, 3X.

Hurrrrrrrrrryyyyyy, this kind of deal won't hang around long! If in doubt, BUY THE BOX! 



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